Essay on driving distractions and its effects

Distracted driving is so dangerous because it not only affects the driver, but the passengers and the innocent bystanders as well. Her death was so unexpected so sudden it left everyone speechless. The goal is to successfully address an issue in a way that provides a better well being for society as a whole.

Cognitive distractions are when you take your mind of the task of driving. As she looked down at her phone to read the new text message, she lost control of her car, which proceeded to slide across the median, hit a bridge, and kill the young girl with a bright future.

This occurs while drivers search around their car for their cigarettes and lighter; Cognitive distraction. There is a ban on texting for all drivers. Effect of Cell Phone Use Although some states and cities have passed laws to ban texting and using handheld phones while driving, there is no current law to ban all cell phone use while driving.

Also I would talk to insurance companies and through the government give them an incentive to lower peoples insurance if they have this app and use it. Driving in the wind is not a problem for most since most live in cities and flat areas.

A guide for reducing crashes involving drowsy and distracted drivers.

Distracted driving

While we will all continue to have distraction while driving, keep them to a minimum and to ones where you feel comfortable in knowing that the majority of your attention will remain where it needs to be — on the road. If you have suffered injuries at the hands of a distracted driver, call an experienced and aggressive attorney to handle your claim and help you seek compensation for your injuries.

The best advice on driving in this type of weather is to drive with your low beam on. Distracted driving is an epidemic that can be controlled. To further education on texting while driving, the government should make it mandatory to attend a two hour class on distracted driving, primarily focussing on texting, and pass the subsequent quiz.

This multitasking technology is about convenience, not safety. If you are unsuccessful in your attempts to light the cigarette, you will keep trying and your focus and concentration is broken even longer. Essay detailing worst nightmare texts original research paper of mendeley.

We all know how expensive insurance can be for new drivers so this would provide an incentive for parents to make their children get this app. Once done smoking, you will need to make sure the cigarette is put out and disposed of properly.

Fifty-three percent of drivers believe if manufacturers put "infotainment" dashboards and hands-free technology in vehicles, they must be safe. Forty percent of accidents on our highways that ended in death were attributed to death.

Smoking While Driving Causes Accidents in Clearwater

People Against Distracted Driving. Once getting this information I would contact them and find out, what is the proto type that is used to create the blue tooth system in cars.

You can order a custom essay on The Hazards of Driving now! Research has demonstrated that each type of distraction can result in its own problems while driving. Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted Distraction.

This occurs because drivers are generally required to remove both hands from the wheel in order to light their cigarette. New technology in vehicles is causing us to become more distracted behind the wheel than ever before. This document will help you complete your paper more successfully.

There is no doubt that statistics clearly show how dangerous distracted driving can be.Jul 16,  · Annotated Bibliography: Effect of Cell Phone Use Before you can write this proposal research, you will need to conduct initial research on the science behind this initiative.

For this assignment, use the Argosy University online library resources to locate research reports from peer-reviewed journals that discuss the effects of cell phone use. A Report On Sleep Deprivation Psychology Essay. Print Reference and also may be at risk for multiple disorders following such deprivation.

This paper will present the effects and possible links to certain diseases related to sleep deprivation, and how to prevent sleep deprivation from occurring. the unnecessary distractions will make it. Unless otherwise noted, this site and its contents – with the exception of photographs – are licensed under a Attribution-NoDerivatives International (CC BY-ND ) kaleiseminari.comution-NoDerivatives International (CC BY-ND ) license.

Driving in the fog is like driving with a blindfold on. Statistics say that is the most hazardous driving condition in existence. The best advice on driving in this type of. A sophisticated, real-world study confirms that dialing, texting or reaching for a cellphone while driving raises the risk of a crash or near-miss, especially for younger drivers.

The law requires the New Jersey transportation department to erect signs on state roadways warning of the dangers of distracted driving and reminding drivers that texting while driving carries stiff criminal penalties in New Jersey.

Essay on driving distractions and its effects
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